remote controls

A remote control is commonly called an electronic handheld device that can be operated with over short to medium distances (about 6 to 20 m) equipment or machinery. For control over greater distances, the term radio remote control is in use.

One can distinguish remotes after the transmission medium:

Wired remote control
  • Wire connection with mechanical action (Bowden, Air Pressure Switch,) airplane
  • Wire connection with electric effect, for example for missile control (see, for example MILAN), Steering wheel controls for the radio, older remote controls for televisions (cable remote control)

wireless remote control
  • And ultrasound (about phone beeps for remote answering machines, ultrasonic remote control for TV earlier)
  • Radio waves (eg, remote reset of cars, garage door opener, Wireless Switch, Bluetooth with modern entertainment devices)
  • Infrared (IR) radiation (mainly electronic appliances such as TVs)

Radio remote controls are in contrast to IR remotes do not rely on optical sight to the receiver and thus act also through walls and ceilings. There can (wireless phone, video transmission, etc.) and microwave devices cause interference when using another wireless applications.

There are also universal remotes that can control a variety of devices from different brands.

IR remote controls transmit a signal in the invisible infrared range. The radiation source often used infrared LEDs. The signal is output at a frequency of 40 kHz and turned on. As a result, the noise immunity of the receiver increases: A bandpass filter passes only those frequencies and blocks random noise from. By modulating this transmission signal information is transmitted to the receiver.

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