infrared Emitters

An optimum combination of radiant heaters for warmth on cold days

Due to the high range infrared radiant heaters provide individual heat if. On the balcony above the garage, from the hobby room to the patio in the catering and commercial They are emission-free, silent and odorless, splashproof. In high quality and elegant design, the high-frequency heat wave equipment waiting to be used. Do you just love a little longer comfortable to sit out or work in warm and even at cool temperatures? In the professional and the private sector, this radiant heaters are ideal for all indoor and outdoor areas.

The infrared heater to warm body and just material, not the air. The infrared radiation ensures a similarly pleasant feeling of warmth, such as the solar radiation on the skin, thus also an effective, targeted and instant heating becomes possible. IR heaters require no warm-up and the heat is available immediately after power on, it is not possible that you can be blown by the wind, the heat radiation. Since the device works with electricity it consumes no oxygen, is silent and odorless and emission-free, which makes it also suitable for indoor use. It consists of weather-resistant aluminum, enabling a high quality stylish design.

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