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BURDA Heatpanels function like the sun: They emit infrared beams which create warmth and work as heat accumulators when they hit people and objects

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BURDA Heatpanels function like the sun: They emit infrared beams which create warmth and work as heat accumulators when they hit people and objects. The energy-consuming "detour" of convection heating of air in conventional rooms is no longer required. This makes Burda Heatpanels economical and your heating experience refreshingly relaxing. Enjoy Burda Heatpanels like the sun?s rays on a clear winter?s day!

  • Pleasant radiant heat as if from a tiled stove
  • Precise heating of certain areas
  • Dry, warm walls and objects
  • Completely noiseless operation
  • Light and flat design (just max 1.6 cm thick)
  • Easy mounting on a wall or ceiling
  • Standard socket is sufficient
  • No wear, no maintenance
  • Healthier indoor air, as there is no dust disturbance
  • Very well suited for asthmatics and allergy sufferers
  • Highest efficiency when operating with solar panels

Choose your desired surface suitable for what you need: for example, how about a lightly textured, mineral surface on your Heatpanel? Your Panel can blend in wonderfully with your walls at home.

Make your Burda Heatpanel a work of art! Choose from a wide range of templates, or select an individual design from your photo collection.

The classic that always fits! The white enamel finish combines discreet elegance with durability and the highest quality in a unique way.

Practical, stylish and perfect for use in your living room, bedroom or bathroom, your practice or the treatment room - Burda Heatpanels with premium mirrored surface or with an elegant white special-purpose glass.

You can choose a frameless model or one with a sleek aluminium frame. Your Burda Heatpanel can be an object, a work of art or you can make it "invisible". It?s entirely up to you.


Our top model! Approximately 15-20 % more economical with HighTec Nano-Carbon! The front of the Carbon Heat consists of a very special, 3-mm thick plate. The plate has a rough, white surface (fine mineral coating). The elegant aluminium frame is glossy white.

The evenly radiated heat provides a high degree of comfort. But what is special is what?s on the inside. Extremely fine nano carbon powder is injected into the front plate. This sends heat and electrical energy with a particularly high level of efficiency into the outermost corners. This has the major advantage that, for the same heat output, we can reduce the wattage by 15-20 % and thus offer new infrared heating which uses 15-20% less energy!

Should the Carbon Heat be accidentally covered, or for any other reason become hot, two built-in temperature monitors turn the heater off immediately and turn it on again automatically after it has cooled down. Heating the back plate and convective heating is largely prevented thanks to the internal mirroring and special bracket and the infrared heat output is improved once again. Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, includes bracket and mounting hardware.

All information is factory specifications. All technical data are subject to change and may be changed anytime by the manufacturer. Current data please refer to the product manuals.

 Model BHPCAH6090600-01
 General data 
 Heating power [W] 600
 Power [W]  600
 Color white (white mineral) or desired motif
 Weight [kg] 9
 Dimensions (W x H x D) [cm] 2,5 x 60 x 90
 Degree of protection IP20

Technical changes and errors excepted!

Heating Power: 0 - 500 Watt

Technische Daten

 Modell Basic Heat
 Allgemeine Daten 
 Wärmeleistung [W] 500
 Schutzart IP54
 Farbe weiß
 Gewicht [kg] 10
 Maße (B x H x T) [cm] 50 x 100 x 1,5
 Beheizbare Fläche m² 10

Technische Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten!

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