Infrared glass heater RAL colors with 900 watts

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Infrared glass heater RAL colors with 900 watts

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Infrared glass heater RAL colors with 900 watts

Choose your favorite color or shade that works best in your home environment. You get your heater in almost any RAL color.

Because the glass radiator is heated with infrared radiant heat, less the air in the room rather the objects that are in the room, the human body included, are heated. All this is made possible by the principle of solar radiation. The area, which has stored the heat gives by and by then the heat back to the room in the air and you get a nice comfortable climate.
Glass heaters have also still the property that the efficiency of heat radiation is very high and the heat will be stored without being in the material released directly into the environment.

The infrared heater is mounted throughout the room, be it on the wall or on the ceiling, it adapts perfectly to your design ideas. Furthermore, the heater has a very elegant design and quality manufacturing of high quality materials, the highest quality, which is particularly noticeable in the art. The life of a glass heating is virtually unlimited and the heating elements are almost free from wear.

Allergic feel comfortable too with the infrared radiator, because the dust is not stirred up or burned.

It can be used not only as a complete heating system or full heating, but also as additional heating, partial heating or transition heating. By applying radiant heat also protect your wallet, because you can thereby save up to 60% in energy costs compared to conventional heating systems, because the devices have a very good energy efficiency.


Heating Power: 500 - 1000 Watt

Technical Data

 Power: 900 Watts
 Dimensions: 1400 x 600 x 15 mm
 Weight: (with 10/33 mm frame) ca. 14 kg, (with 66/85 mm frame) ca. 17 kg, (with 30 mm frame) ca. 16 kg
 Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
 Degree of protection: IPX4 (splashproof)
 Heated room size: 20 - 22 sqm
 Protection class: I

If you can not decide between two heating capacities, we advise you to take the increased heat output. So that you do not necessarily have a higher energy consumption, since the desired temperature is reached faster and the thermostat can downshifts or switch off the heating earlier. If your walls should not be as well insulated as you thought or the outside temperature lie over a long period below freezing you therefore remains also a safety reserve of heating power.

Technical changes and errors excepted!


Standard Alurahmen

10 mm aluminum frame, semi-circular

Alurahmen weiss

10 mm aluminum frame white, semi-circular

Alurahmen schwarz

10 mm aluminum frame black, semi-circular

Alurahmen gold

10 mm aluminum frame brass, semi-circular

Alurahmen weiß flach

10 mm aluminum frame white, angular

Alurahmen chrom

10 mm aluminum frame polished chrome, angular

Alurahmen titan

10 mm aluminum frame silver, angular

Alurahmen gebuerstet

23 mm aluminum frame, brushed

Alurahmen satin silber

33 mm satin silver aluminum frame, brushed

Alurahmen satin grey

33 mm satin grey aluminum frame, brushed


30 mm solid wood frame beech, oiled


30 mm solid wood frame oak, oiled

Stilrahmen gold

85 mm solid wood style frame, gold

Stilrahmen silber

66 mm solid wood style frame, silver

Stilrahmen weiss antik

66 mm solid wood style frame, antique-white

RAL colors

RAL colors

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